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Professur für Volkswirtschaftslehre, insb. Makroökonomik

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Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle (IWH)
Kleine Märkerstr. 8
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The chair of macroeconomics is researching on the development, implementation and application of quantitative macroeconomic models for forecasting and simulation purposes. Economic forecasting and simulation models represent an essential basis for rational economic policy, e.g.  for public budget planning. However, beyond forecasting or simulating prospective economic development, this research also includes the identification of unobservable variables (for example output gap and structural deficit in the context of Germany’s constitutionally binding brake on public debt) and the quantification of drivers of economic development, in order to provide scientifically informed recommendations for economic policy.

Core research areas are business cycles and stabilization policies (analysis of short- and medium-term fluctuations, economic forecasting), regionalized medium- and long-term projections, asset pricing (financial, commodity and real estate markets) as well as international macroeconomic coordination (macroeconomic governance).


Actual researchers

Prof. Dr. Oliver Holtemöller

Alexandra Gutsch, M.Sc.

Marius Fourné, M.Sc.

Former research

Dr. Katja Heinisch

Dr. Andrej Drygalla

Prof. Dr. Tobias Knedlik

Dr. Gregor von Schweinitz

Dr. Stefan Gießler

Dr. Jan-Christopher Scherer

Dr. Christoph Schult